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Post news RSS False Front Official Trailer & Beta Sign-ups open!

Check out False Front's first official trailer. You can now head over to our discord server to sign-up for a future beta testing.

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Beta signups are now open!

To sign-up head over to our Discord server Discord.falsefront.se and follow the instructions from there.

False Front!

False Front is a first-person shooter we at Svantech Studios have been working on for a little over 1.5 years, our vision with the project is to make a fps game that goes back to the old days of shooters yet still tries to innovate small but simple things to make the game stand out from the crowd!

Some of the things that we think are different from False Front compared to other fps games are:

Security cameras:

The maps are packed with cameras that are shown on the jumbotron screens aswell as on the minimap if switched on. All players will be shown the same camera feed at the same time. This could work as a more complicated uav/radar and will hopefully spice up Search and Destroy games.

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The colorful graphics are not so common amongst first-person shooters and combined with the sporty theme we think we have created a nice and unique feel to the game.

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There are various of power-ups located around the maps, these are Sprint, Insta-kill, Laser-aim and Extra-health. We designed these to be as fun for the player as possible while still not be annoying to other players. There are also a normal Health powerup which is the only way to regenerate health, hopefully these powerups will help control the player movement for the better.

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Free DLC’s:

To compensate for the game not being FREE, we want to release all the future map DLC’s for FREE. This is also to make the DLC’s more fun for the community and not seen as something they have to pay hard earned money for. We instead plan to increase the price on the entire game after DLC releases, this will reward early buyers yet still give us some funding for the DLC’s.

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