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Soon we'll be out early with this project and we want to share its current status.

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About the game :

This is a multiplayer RTS/RPG game from the first person in a fictional medieval world. Take control of one of the castles and become the sole king of all lands

You, as a true king, only give orders, in this game you do not need to take special care of micromanagement, but the key decisions in the economy and war depend only on you. You can personally explore the world in search of artifacts that will help you defeat your enemies or go into battle with your army.

The game has a system of events, such as a dragon's visit, a random dungeon with something useful, and others. As well as gaining experience units and player.

The basic mechanics that are shown in the video:

- Building the economy and production of the army
The economy can be improved by building the right buildings in the fortress, as well as the arrival of resources comes from your captured land.

- Army management
You can only give orders to units if you are in the same location as them. You can use the order queue, the order to retreat, in the battle units will act independently.

- Defense of the Castle.
Your walls and archers are protected by them until the enemy brings siege weapons.

- Trade
In the captured lands it is possible to sell or buy the resources, the prices depend on what is produced in the particular location

- Hidden locations (dungeons)
both on the surface and in the dungeons you can find objects that can be used in battle or sabotage (dynamite, grenades). It can also be used to quickly move around the map as secret moves (for the player only).

- Victory over another player
Victory is achieved when you take over an enemy fortress completely and kill the player who owns that fortress.

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