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Gives a quick peek at our new facial expressions that have been added to all player characters and also a look at some improvements made to screen transitions when swapping between maps/combat.

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Mischieviots: Spit & Polish Week

This week has been mostly focused on doing some polishing of previous features to make them a bit better looking.

Two major changes have been done this week:

- Added facial expressions to all the player characters.
- Added screen transition visuals to be used during map and combat screen changes.

Facial Expressions!

I decided to add some "spice" to the player characters and added in over 50 various types of facial expressions that will be available in both the regular animating along with being able to "hot-swap" them onto the characters as various effects are applied to them (think crazy eyes when confused).

I have only updated their base animations so far with the new facial expressions and have coded in the ability to do the hot-swapping but have not applied anything to any specific effects yet. When I do though, I'll be sure to share them !

For today though, here's a quick GIF of our friendly hero falling to his demise with his new facial expressions:

New Knight Death

Screen Transitions

I created 4 different types of transitions to start with but the options within the code allow for many variations without too much effort. For now I'll leave it with the 4 I have and decide later what's actually needed. For now, here's some examples!

Basic Fade

This is just a basic fade out/in transition which I'm thinking I'll use for map swapping for now.

Transitions: Simple Fade


This takes the incoming loading screen image and spins it around in circles then starts the loading of the data. For now I think I'll use this one to initiate combat.

Transitions: Rotate

Sliced and Diced

The takes the incoming loading screen image and slices it up into small pieces and slides them around the screen. Like rotation, the data loading starts once the transition completes.

Transitions: Slice


The takes the current screen and slides it away from the loading screen image. Like rotation, the data loading starts once the transition completes.

Transitions: Slide

Want More?

If you're interested in reading more about Mischieviots, or catching up on older posts, feel free to visit us at:

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