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A brief explanation of what this thing is about (for better understanding)

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F3BFG ("Fallout 3 BFG", but we can't use trademarked words) is a Fallout 3 + Fallout New Vegas games reimplementation using the DOOM 3 BFG Edition source code (that's why there's "BFG" in the name)

  • This project is based on OpenMW and DOOM 3 BFG Edition game code (because OpenMW provides RPG mechanics and DOOM provides shooter mechanics)
  • The project is at its very early stages so it will benefit from additional contributors (programmers/documentation writers) A LOT
  • The project will be based on a custom game engine which is modified id Tech 4 (from BFG Edition) with some additional changes from other forks and combined with OpenMW sources to support things like cell-based world and such Bethesda's Gamebryo-specific stuff and use some of its engine code-pieces/design decisions
  • The release date is unknown and it's currently unknown whether the project will be released at all at this stage. We definitely need more contributors
  • It will support singleplayer
  • It will support 4-player CO-OP
  • It will (probably) support up to 8 players multiplayer for some mini competitive game mode (like CTF or such), but no more than 8 (or 10 for 2 teams 5x5; after looking at how Fallout (76) game feels like in multiplayer the decision to NOT support more players was made). If you want a Fallout multiplayer game then consider playing Fallout 76 or NV:MP instead
  • There wouldn't be any new custom features that aren't present in the original games, if you need something it should be possible to use mods from the original games to add those things in (any mod that only modifies/adds game resources without engine code modifications/patches (any direct game executable patches or plugins that tries to manipulate the app memory) should remain working)

That should briefly explain what the project is aiming for and what is (not) needed. You probably have some additional questions after that, so you can ask them in the comments. Thank you for attention!

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