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Come and join us at the new Star Wars group, Expanded Universe Fans!

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Hello fellow Star Wars fans and welcome to the Expanded Universe Fan Group!
First off, this is a group where fans can post pictures, videos, and
other media pertaining to their favorite Star Wars comics, novels,
and/or video games!
After the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, George Lucas
sanctioned the creation of the Expanded Universe as a means of
merchandising. Since then it has evolved from a few comic books, novels
and Atari games with quite a small fan base into a full blown buffet of
hundreds of novels, countess comic books, and dozens of smash hit video
games with an extremely large and devoted fan base. The Expanded
Universe covers not just what happens in between films but thousands of
years before and hundreds of years after.
Won't you come along with us on this journey of epic proportions?
From the reign of the mighty Rakatan Empire to the Post-Endor crumbling
Galactic Empire, from the adventures of Luke Skywalker, to the escapades
of Cade Skywalker 300 years later, come with us and witness
Galactic history as it unfolds.

Be respectful of one another
Keep discussions relevant
No inappropriate images, videos, or other media
Keep controversial subjects to a minimal (who shot first, Clone Wars contradictions, etc)
And last but certainly not least: Have fun
Follow this here link and enjoy!

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