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Information about the upcoming update, which will mostly contain quality of life improvements to the existing game.

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I've been neglecting the hell out of Ex Vitro due to real life (and working on my other game), but I've been thinking about what to include in the next version that will improve the overall experience. This will be stuff that people have been asking for, and fixes to existing stuff that seemed like good ideas but turned out to be stupid. Stuff that will be in for sure:

Gamepad Support

  • Gamepad support will be the number one feature added.
  • A new item that lets you recharge a small amount of EMPs if you run out, as long as you can avoid getting hit for a few seconds.
  • Charging your weapon will suck in nearby pick-ups.
  • Wall-Jumping controls will be easier and less stupid.
  • The basic blue beam will be much faster firing but do slightly less damage.
  • Screen shake effect!
  • Hidden 'EMP singlets' should be more obvious.
  • Improvements to graphics here and there.

If you've played the last version (0.35) there won't be anything new to find; no new rooms, no new bosses, and no new enemies. This will only be a minor update. So unless you're interested in anything on the list above, you're probably better off waiting for the next release.

That being said, I'm trying to decide on a new ability or weapon that will be unique from anything seen in the Metroid series (because Lord knows I've stolen enough already!). While I would love to make a Screw Attack-type knock-off, I think I should try something else. Some ideas:

  • A teleporter beam that instantly zaps you to wherever the beam impacts. I can think of some cool puzzles with tiny openings and sharp angles you'd have to shoot through.
  • A pinball-type bouncing ability that turns you into a ball of flaming death that you can aim with the cursor. A bit similar to the Screw Attack, but maybe different enough in that you could point it in specific directions?
  • Some sort of remote drone-type thing that you can control independently of the main character. You'd use the little thing to fly into a tiny crevice and push a switch that would unlock a door for the main guy.

Anyways, these are just ideas, so none or all of them may appear in some form.

Note: I am starting to understand why game developers generally have a team of people and not just one person...

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