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We're looking for help on our current project, in the form of artists (gfx, sfx, music) and a coder.

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Hey all,

Seeing that I lack much time to work on the project at hand, I will be taking a different route starting at 1 march. We will be looking into people who are willing to help us.

I'll soon be posting exact requirements for the people we're looking for.
In short we'll need this:
1 XNA/C# coder.
1 soundFX artist.
1 Music artist.
1 or 2 2D graphics artist (cell shading / vector art experience is an advantage).

Let me know if you'd be interested. It will all be on voluntary basis, but expect that we will reward people who help on this project.

Knowing us, we won't simply make something. We try to seek the boundaries of what's possible. Usually it fails, sometimes it leads to gems of games. We're going to aim for awesome.

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