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Community report on Operation Catapult this Saturday and top player awards information...

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In today's Community Report we will give you the details of "Operation Catapult" our next live server event and also unveil our new weekly Top Player Awards. We have also included a report from the front lines from Redlegs.

JOIN “OPERATION CATAPULT” on Saturday starting at 12:00 PM server time or 1:00 PM EST or 5:00 PM GMT.

This is our latest High Command server led event and will take place rain or shine! Expect huge battles on Saturday so rally up your squaddies and join the Welcome Back Soldier FREE event! This is a great opportunity to highlight the very best of our combined arms game with multiple big battles on the map. Catapult has no ending time so we hope to keep high energy gameplay going into the evening.

Be sure to download discord for voice comms and better gameplay Wwiionline.com


Tonight we launch two weekly “TOP PLAYER” awards for two randomly selected categories from our CRS game stats site at Stats.wwiionline.com The Community Management Team will announce on Tuesday’s two TOP Players who will receive a wwiionline.com customized mouse pad.

This week we are pleased to announce the Top Killer of Campaign 163 to date:

Dasei88 with 1,026 kills in 704 sorties and holding a K/D of 2.48.

We are also please to announce the Top Kill Streak in a Sortie in Campaign #163 to date:

Davrosio who had 64 kills in an A13 MKII on May 7, 2019.

Congrats to them both!


Redlegs – Deputy Chief of Staff for the CinC

Last week saw the rollout of Campaign 163, and with it, the first full campaign of Hybrid Supply. Players and HC alike both took to the new format eagerly, and great battles ensued. Coordinated efforts were found at almost every battle between infantry and tankers, Luftwaffe and ground forces, and all players working as one to penetrate a city’s defenses or repel Allied assaults on our turf. We’ve even seen a substantial increase in overstock missions being conducted, helping give that extra edge to a town seeing a fair amount of action. Axis Forces have seen modest gains early up and down the front, but our foes have pushed back as well in recent days, proving that this map will be hard-fought and that victory will not be easily earned.

As always, the fight rages on! Tell your friends about Welcome Back, Soldier, and get in game to help push Team Axis WESTWARD!!!!


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