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Been spending time recently evaluating the behavior of the hunter bots and tweaking performance to better balance late-level gameplay.

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While doing more play testing and programming I had found that the levels that have the hunters in them become much more difficult when there are only one or two goal items remaining. The problem comes from the hunter's behavior of patrolling from one to the other. Occasionally this can make it impossible to successfully clear the level because of how relentless the hunters are in attacking the player.

What I'm attempting to evaluate here is if this should be left in and make it a matter of strategy in clearing out the goals in more of a specific order to make the level passable, or if I should fundamentally change the behavior of the hunter to allow the player to draw it away, allowing him to more easily get the items and move on.

I'm also ready to add a couple additional pitfalls to the game to make it just a little harder, and provide for a little more strategy, and also more jump-scare type elements to running through the labyrinths. I enjoy a good fast-paced game that keeps the heart beating fast and provides those little surprises here and there.

As soon as I'm happy with these changes, I will update my changes to the available download at the official Labyrinth Larry game page on itch.io.

I will keep you updated here as progress continues.

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