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Recently, huge improvements have been made to the project. The animations have been refined and the emotes are now available. Also, a new type of AoE skill was implemented. In addition, we made a tutorial with its own map.

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The January update brings with it some new interesting features such as better animations, the emotes, a tutorial with its own map and also a new skill mechanic.

Animations improvements

animations improvements

To improve the spell casting and melee attack animations, some effects are now added when animations are played to increase their amplitude. Also, additional animations have been incorporated into the game so that the characters do not always make the same gestures.


Eternal Glory - Emotes

The emotes feature also makes its appearance with this update to add more life in waiting rooms.


Eternal Glory - Tutorial

The game is very complex. Therefore, we decided to implement a tutorial to help the newcomers. But we didn’t want to just add few generic pop-ups. That’s why, we created a whole map just for the tutorial with all sorts of mechanism they could encounter in the game.

New type of AoE

Eternal Glory - New Skill Mechanic

The new kind of AoE will contribute to improve the diversity of skills of Eternal Glory. To use it, players must select two different positions. When it’s done, a ray is formed between these two positions.

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