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The final release version of our game: Escort Hero is here!

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What’s New

  • Added a start scene that shows the princess walking into the cart.
  • Added winning end scene that shows the princess rising through the tunnel and finally reaching her dream garden in the sky.
  • We added particle systems and a stone wall to improve the juiciness of the arrival of the boss and to indicate to the players that they will need to kill the boss to proceed to the next stage.
  • We added the princess image and different emojis of the princess to spice up the beginning of the tutorial. We fixed the healing ball too fast bug for the tutorial.
  • We expanded our environment to make the beginning easier. Players will now have time to settle themselves down before taking on the real challenge!
  • Boss can now move and shoot fireballs. The fireballs from the boss will make objects burn and take damage over time. The only way to stop this is to use mage's hailing skill.
  • We improved the chicken bomber movement to go straight towards the payload and explode smoothly without lagging.
  • We fixed the stone cutscene bug to allow the game to proceed.

What’s the Motivation

  • Many people weren't able to beat our game so we expanded the environment to allow more time for the players to learn our game.
  • The player doesn't feel the reason why they need to protect the cart so we added a story behind it: To escort the princess to get to her dream garden in the sky.
  • Some players say they would like to have more collaborations, and that is why we created the boss's fireball mechanic to encourage collaborations. The burning effect can happen on the knight, the mage, or the cart. But only the mage can take it down. Hopefully, this will stimulate communications between the two players.

What’s Next

  • Create new levels that feature different environments and enemies, and get increasingly difficult.
  • Create new player mechanics such as knight will be able to spin his sword after taunt.
  • Allow the players to get stronger the longer they play our game: such as the mage can cast a larger area of hailstorm and the knight can taunt for longer, etc.
  • Add features that require players to collaborate, such as puzzles that can only be solved by using both the knight's dash skill and the mage's hailstorm skill.
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