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Post news RSS Escape The Mad Empire Officially Announced for Steam!

After over 4 years of development, Escape the Mad Empire is finally officially announced! The roguelike party-based real-time base-building tactical RPG will come to the Steam Store in 2023

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We're extremely glad to finally announce Escape the Mad Empire after more than 4 years of work! You can already add the game to your wishlist on the Steam Store!

Escape the Mad Empire is not exactly easy to describe because it spans across multiple RPG genres. It has a similar meta-game structure as Darkest Dungeon I (base-building and teams management). The combat system plays like a mash-up of games like Divinity II and Baldur's Gate II (deeply tactical real-time combat with instant-actions on pause without casting delays). The adventures feel like traditional roguelikes (dungeon crawling, procedural generation, perma-death, emergent gameplay). Even great action-RPG games as Enter the Gungeon influenced us during development (crazy magic items, high pace and intensity, pixel-art, humor).




The game is not coming out before 2023 so there's still a long road ahead of us. Over the next months, we'll be presenting a series of developers logs to help describing and explaining the game better, as we continue the development of this ambitious title. Stay tuned!


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