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A quick checkup with Dr. Nick at the Evildot Laboratories just to make sure all is well

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So currently in the Evildot dungeon there has been a run of problems concerning errors....Not major ones, oh no no NO! Errors that are very much like little mosquitoes in your ear when your trying to sleep after a long day of labor....That kind of annoying error.

Its almost to the point where I will just have to say SCREW IT! and just make my levels and only after it's all finished and looking nice, will I go back and fix my little goof ups.

Other then that things have been pretty slow, outside life has been stepping in so project has been set to a very turtle like setting until further notice, nothing is dead just yet and I'm as sure as I was born that this project will never die!

All concepts are all finalized and I have exposed them to a closed panel, and they all seemed to like it so as soon as I have some AWESOME level pictures or pictures of anything, I shall make the project on here and things will be more centralized and I can start sharing a lot of the ideas and hopes for this mod/game.


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