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Let us present an official guidebook about our dieselpunk 2D pixelart game based on sumero-akkadian mythology called Erra: Exordium.

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Erra: Exordium is our first project, that we're making for a year already. Big part of the game is ready. Finally it's time to tell you more about our project. What's more important we want you to share your opinion about the game with us.

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At the moment 100% of script "core" is already finished. So we're working on additional dialogues and their grace.

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Here is some base mechanics demonstration. At the moment, we're working on combat expanding. It means, that you'll have more guns, more bypasses, more traps and more enemies.

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We're very proud of our little visual artists team. They're doing just brilliant job with our environment, enemies and weapons design. This paragraph is just a huge shotout and respect to their job.

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Monday work day mood

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This stuff is sick. That's all what you need to know

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Here is our little dreamteam and our message to you. Feel free to ask anything you want. If you want you can always find us on Social Networks.

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