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This is the first entry in the Eraser Development Diary. This week I've been working on concepting the mechanics for Eraser and have developed a simple method for picking up physics objects within the world. I've then used this to make some basic climbing puzzles and am currently developing more sophisticated puzzles that use different types of interactive objects. I've also been working on most of the documentation for Eraser in the background.

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Development Diary Part 1

This week I've finished off most of the concept documentation and I'm starting to work on things like branding a little more so I put together some really simple logos while I was creating the IndieDB page. I chose a cubic style for the logos, making all the sides the same length and I think this has given a really nice effect to the text. I'll be talking to some artist friends later down the line so all the branding stuff with probably change with time.

My main job over the past week has been to start developing the mechanics of Eraser. I've made a simple method of picking up objects in the world and using them to solve some really basic puzzles (I'll be posting a gameplay video of this concept really soon!) such as climbing onto obstacles to reach new areas. I'm developing this mechanic to make it more sophisticated and add a higher level of difficulty and variety to the puzzles in the game. I'm also starting work on some of the basic level design for Eraser since I'm going to be using something called non-euclidean level design (think about the impossible doors in the shining) where areas seem to be impossible. I'll be sharing some concepts of these designs in the next development diary update.

Stay tuned for more information on Eraser either here on IndieDB or on my website here.




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