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After a 2 week break, Wunderkind returns with an all new adventure starting with Chapter 1 of Episode 2.

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Episode 2 of Wunderkind is now available, right now.

After a 2 week break, Wunderkind is back with the second episode with many differences this time around. First off, the cutscenes are now in color. The first episode I was still experiment with the art style when I finally settled with one and this style actually cut off more time that the first one I used in the first chapter of episode 1. The trade off however is that it takes even longer to color. Well, I should say it did. Just like the outlines, I'm also experimenting with the coloring and the current method does take a while to get complete but just like the first episode, I'm experimenting with the colors here so I'm sure I'll find a method that will allow me to color the slides quickly. The battles, however, remain in black and white due to color may make the annotations blend and make it harder to play.

The second difference is there is now a narrator by an actual human. The narrator is me because turns out all my budget (my tiny budget) was eaten by the new thumbnails. In the end... not the best, at least in my opinion. I'm actually embarrassed of doing it so I tried to compensate by changing my voice which I kind of regretted. Not adding the voice but not experimenting enough with it. I'm going to continue to experiment with the voice altering as well but at least narration is no longer the robotic text to speech.

I'm excited to see what the next chapter is going to be like so I hope you enjoy the first chapter of episode 2 and feel free to send me suggestions, critiques, and anything you believe needs to be improved.

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