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The final chapter of the first episode of Wunderkind is out and chapter 2 is now in the planning stages.

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Chapter 5, the final chapter of the first episode!

Yes, I finalized the first episode of my YouTube QTE game. Though I'll admit it kind got wonky in the end with all the changes as they were happening as the series continued on. Apparently I didn't figure that I wouldn't have had a system in place but turns out that there was some set backs and nuances that I couldn't ignore, although by the end I think I got a good system going and I feel confident that the next episode is going to be even more amazing.

And what about episode 2? Episode 2 will soon be in the planing stages and all next week will be planning it out with the following week producing the first chapter. There are going to be changes for the next chapter, mainly these 3:

  1. The slides will have color. I don't know how but yes, they will have color but of course with more detail comes more labor and more time required.
  2. There will be an actual human narrator. Instead of depending on that robotic voice, I will either hire someone or do it myself.
  3. There will be alternative gameplay changes such as puzzles.

There: nother thing I have had suggested and that is story branching, which: challenge due to time constraints. Making a straightforward game in a timely manner is already tough for me but to include alternative routes will just double my work load. I might do a certain form of branching but it will have to be on a small scale such as like a different ending or some such but actual story branching with an entirely new storyline to go through is just too much work for what little time I have but I'll see what I can do.

So that about wraps up this episode but make sure to subscribe to be notified of the new episode coming in 2 weeks. Also be sure to check out the Facebook page and give it a like to be notified there.



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