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A new version of Epilogue is out, featuring a revamped stats system, 20 new character abilities, and other fixes and additions.

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Version 2.2 raises the possible character builds to over 333 billion. Essentially, while before there were merely many possible choices in making your character, now there are a series of abilities that you are able to collect, causing previously identical characters to be very different by the end of the game. The 20 abilities this update adds vary quite dramatically, so I believe there is something for everyone.



  • Added 20 abilities to the game with various effects
  • Added stone tablets from which characters can learn the above abilities
  • Increased the possible character builds to over 333 billion as a result of this
  • Added champion and veteran knowledge bonuses
  • Reworked the knowledge page
  • Added a full menu to the title page (so you can access stats without creating a character)
  • Added a character stat page
  • Added a high score menu for easy access to all score lists
  • Added a new ui configuration for the following resolutions: 1366x768, 1680x1050, 1920x1080
  • Removed quick-keys for achievement and knowledge pages
  • Reworked a lot of menus, so there is now a group of things under a stat menu heading
  • Increased Burn Bright's skill bonus to 125%
  • Increased scrolling speed to 3x
  • Increased the noticeability of secret doors slightly
  • Changed the flask to target using the same mechanic as spacebar, which greatly increases the chance of success
  • Changed the font size in numerous places
  • Changed the potion sprite to follow the usual constraints
  • Edited some text
  • Cropped map tiles on the edge to always take up a specific area
  • Fixed the weakling mode score list
  • Fixed the mouse control for running
  • Fixed a mysterious flask issue
  • Fixed a note bug
  • Fixed a formatting bug in the ui code
  • Fixed a potential problem in the ui code
  • Fixed a missing line in certain character dumps
  • Reduced the executable size

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