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A new version of Epilogue is out, featuring 6 new enemies and a variety of fixes and content updates.

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This version features 6 new enemies that appear on the first 3 floors. They really serve to make the early levels a lot more interesting, especially for experienced players.


Change Log:
Changed the fontsize in notes so you don’t need to scroll them
Reworked the note system tutorial
Removed the teleport particle effect from simple swaps (such as with an ally)
Removed the chance for certain creatures to spawn as allies of the player or enemies
Removed the chance for passive creatures to spawn as Kings, etc
Fixed Baked Steel having 2 less stat points than it should
Fixed an autoexplore issue
Fixed certain effects not waking you (Void for instance)
Fixed traps appearing in locations where they cannot be picked up (fountains, etc)
Added a stun cap of 5 turns (after which you break free automatically)
Added a small boost to combat skills when in view of your god’s altar
Added a screen prior to trait picking to stop you from accidentally selecting one
Added a better architecture for playing music tracks (under the hood)
Added the Cyclone Swordsman to the 1st floor (full version)
Added the Amphibiman to the 1st floor (full version)
Added the Gloomworm to the 2nd floor (full version)
Added the Huskling to the 2nd floor (full version)
Added the Powder Keg to the 3rd floor (full version)
Added the Martyr to the 3rd floor (full version)

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