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A new version of Epilogue is out, featuring a whole cluster of user-requested features, various interface improvements, and new enemies.

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Epilogue v2.1 has been released!

I have elected to upgrade the .X digit in the version number as there really have been a significant number of additions to the game since 2.0, including additional content, user-requested features, interface improvements, graphical changes, etc. The most recent changes are listed below, as well as a couple screenshots. Enjoy!


Change Log:
All Versions:
Added a fade effect to projectiles which makes their travel seem more continuous
Added the line “Carrying a special item” to enemies with special items (keys, rings)
Added the control that left-clicking or using wasd while autoexploring halts autoexplore
Added the option of choosing whether autoexplore enters dangerous tiles (default=Yes)
Added the option of “bump to interact” for opening doors/chests/etc (default=No)
Added the option of slowing down autoexplore by adding a time delay (default=0)
Added comparison numbers in item descriptions for stats and skills
Added a sound effect for unexpected/odd events
Changed the mouse-over for items to make sure the tooltip does not get obscured by the log
Changed unexpected/odd event text to create newlines for easier parsing of the log
Changed from packages to crates for dropped items
Changed the stave syntax to read (2 charges) instead of a terrible percent format
Changed gather text to be specific to the thing gathered
Changed the way skills are displayed to be more clear and consistent “MEL: 11 (8 + 3)”
Changed Zhangroh text to use “sacrifice” instead of “destruction”
Changed the options menu controls so arrow keys loop
Changed the Summoning Stave to contain only 1 charge
Fixed some screenshot quirks
Fixed a missing description for the Crack effect
Fixed allies getting stuck in a heal-loop on a void tile
Fixed Zhangroh sacrifices deleting disarmed traps in certain cases
Fixed map obscuring achievement message

Full Version:
Added a new creature to the 1st floor: the “Star Minstrel”
Added a new creature to the 2nd floor: the “Amateur Acrobat”
Added a new creature to the 3rd floor: the “Supraliminal Smoke”

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