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We have released a small video of an early gameplay of our game - Ephemeral.

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Glimpse in to the game

Some time has passed and we have been working hard to build an interesting level and atmospheric surrounding for Ephemeral. Today I would like you to present few glimpses of the gameplay video from the beginning of the level.

Thank you for watching!

Before you go I would like you to go to Steam and vote for the game on Steam Concept page. It would make us very happy.


Till next update!


As a lone polar bear mother & her cub is forced to run for their lives they reach a dead end. A cliff from which the fall would be very hard but they are forced to jump for their lives. As they reach the ground the cub is knocked out unconscious & as he awakes his mother is nowhere to be seen. All that is left is her footprints that soon disappear as a huge snow storm approaches. Distressed the cub has to take a journey to find his lost mother and learn how to survive on his own. Where will this journey take him and what made his mother leave him behind, that is the story of Ephemeral.

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