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Our second contest featuring game content. We welcome all contributions and encourage first time and amateur entries!

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The Great Prism Envirorama

We are launching our second community contest. This time, the stakes are higher, and the rewards are sweeter.

The task is simple, and will be outlined below. There are requirements, which must be followed in order for your submission to be accepted as a valid entry, and there are optional guidelines, which will help you to win and help us to succeed in making a fun game. It’s a win-win.

We are looking to create unique environments. These environments will hopefully be more than beautiful pieces of landscape and architecture. We are looking to create atmosphere and to develop a mood in each of our locations.

This is where you come in. We want you to seek out unique, interesting, and beautiful areas in your backyard, your neighborhood, your town, or even towns over. We want you to find these places that strike you as unique and as full of atmosphere, and we want you to photograph them. Why? Help us make a better game to help us understand and bring your vision to life.

Oh, and before you go taking pictures of your whole town or the inside of your shoes, I will define the size of an area.

It must be a location with enough substance to be relevant as a location or for quests.
It must be small enough to be captured adequately in all of your photographs.

(I’ll let you use common sense on this one)


1. Find unique and atmospheric areas that could be incorporated in-game. (Keep in mind that, while a beautiful landscape is great, I can google a better one. We are looking for mood, atmosphere, and uniqueness. If your landscape has that, then take pictures of it, but keep in mind that other, more mundane areas may have these qualities as well. )

2. Photograph these areas in ways that highlight and fully capture the qualities that make them unique and atmospheric. There must be a minimum of 5 (FIVE) photographs per area. (This is so that you fully capture the area.)
If your area no longer exists or is in the wrong season, you may sketch the area instead. Please provide a minimum of 5 (Five) total sketches/photographs.

3. Write why you want it to be in the game. (Does it have a mood to it? Do you think it has story/Quest potential? Do you think it is beautiful and deserves immortality in video game form?)

Optional Bits:

1. Reference specific objects of note in your pictures. Point out what pieces make the area special. Or, suggest additions to the area that could make it more interesting.

2. If you’d like to modify objects in your location or add new ones, please provide images or markups of these changes. You may use outside images for this. If the pictures are not your own, please credit the source.

3. Paint or draw something that shows additions or atmospheric embellishments. ( For example, if you think your location should be in a city, but it is in a forest, show us how you think it should look.)

4. Add models or music that help to show the mood/atmosphere. (Would a monster help? Shop one in. Would an epic the help? Link us. Would rain help? Use Rainymood.com)

5. Suggest a location for your area in the world of Cantin. And/Or, suggest a point of significance that your area would have in the world. And/Or, suggest how your area may factor into the story or a quest.

6. Give a description of the mood.
7. If this place exists on Google Maps, link us to the location so that we can see the layout.

Oh, and did I mention that there will be prizes? Because there will be winners, and winners deserve PRIZES.

There will be ONE (Count ‘em, ONE) winner.

This person will have their location incorporated into the game. It’ll be in there, and you will have input into how its relevance/quest potential. You will also win a custom original drawing of your location done by our own indie.

There will be SOME NUMBER (don’t bother counting) of runner ups.

Their places will make it into the game. They may have limited input into its relevance.


The contest length will be about a month. So the tentative end date is 7/20/2012.

OH... And there is no limit to number of entries/areas per person. Just complete the requirements for each, and they will each be entered.

The Forum thread for submissions can be found at:
Best of luck everyone!

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