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It has been quiet here on Moddb, but we have been working a lot and wanna show you a few things that we've been doing so far. Also we're gonna be at gamescom 2013 :) !

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Hello !

You might have been wondering why we've stopped posting updates. Well the reason for that was that our semester had ended and we had quite a bunch of tests to do and prepare for.

The great news is, that we have the opportunity to present our project at gamescom 2013. We are excited and have been working insane hours to get more assets in the game, and finally started to put a few bigger pieces of the level together. Additionally we started bringing sound into our first cutscene and been polishing animations and matinee sequences to get the first cutscene finished for gamescom.

Today we want to show you all the environment assets we've been recently making. This time our concept artist Hanschi, is responsible for most of the modelling as i was busy enough making the textures, importing and managing our assets and bringing everything together in udk. I think she's done a great job and matched the models really well to the concepts that she posted here on moddb a while ago.

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

F4 - world properties, search Ambient - turn off Ambient Occlusion!

I don't know why they added it. The AO in UDK is one of the worst abominations I have seen and the engine looks better without this blurry crap.

Otherwise, nice content! I guess you will use some Speedtree Models, too? Or will you model all your plants?

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Hanschi - - 3 comments


thanks for the hint, it realy looks better!

We decided to create all of our models by hand. I tried it with the speedtree generator first, but imho it's not as effient and it's harder to stay true to the concept art.

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