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Post news RSS [EN/US] Bannerlord Dev-Blog 12 (22.12.2015)

Short version of the Bannerlord dev blog 12 from Taleworlds, published 22.12.2015. Main topics: map, economy

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Yesterday a new dev blog for Bannerlord has been published. Main topic is the map and economy. Here you can read a shortened version of the article, which can be found here: Taleworlds.com

- The map will originate from Calradia/Warband but 200 years earlier
- The map is 3 times bigger and covers more areas to the east and the south
- The map is more hilly which leads in bigger contrasts and strategic points
- Bigger influence of terrain parameters on tactics and troops
- Season effects. Snow areas creep further to the south in winter time
- Troops are affected by seasons. E.g. cavalry is slower in snow
- Shorter cycle of one year (12 weeks)
- Character aging
- Sun position depending on seasons. Longer shadows in winter time because of low sun
- Much more extensive storyline coming with every faction
- Improved and reworked map GUI, e.g. display of ressource icons and stage of expansion at feuds

Explanations regarding economy:

- Villages produce ressources depending on which productions they own
- Villagers travel to the next bigger town and sell their stuff
- Ressources are processed in the towns depending on avaiable industry
- Carawans buy processed ressources and sell them for a better price somewhere else
- The whole simulation can be influenced by attacking villagers or aiding bandits

Commentary: So far that's how Warband worked. What is new is the massive influence on the whole simulation made possible by the feature to aid bandits. The map plays a much bigger role and seasons make the things much more challenging.

The dev blog video shows 168 screenshots rendered with 10fps. It shows how faction belongings and seasons change within the time.

What you can see at the first glance: The readability of texts has been massively improved. Every text now has a dark shadow so you can not overlook or miss any troop or unit. Having said that just look at the beautiful graphics and nice effects like the blurry distant parts of the map.

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