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Puns aside, we really do have some more art for you. We are trying to catch up on some missed deadlines but we will soon post some alpha build videos.

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Hey there, good looking people!

Here we have it, some background and platforms for you! This post will serve as a transition between the last more Unity focused one and the alpha build videos we have to show you, unfortunately, we still don't have the art implemented in the build bt we will also post that one of these days.

As mentioned we have the background here, it takes a bit of inspiration from some scenes from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power with the colour palette used. The second picture has a bit more details giving it more of a cavern vibe.

1 2

And here we have the platforms with a rocky texture and some lighter colours to give some contrast to the background. All of these were made to fit the level design conceived previously.

3 4
5 6

That's all we have for this week but in this next one, we will try to post two separate times, one with the build and other with some more art.
Thank you for all the support, be good people!

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