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Post news RSS Entry 006 - Ascending into the Nightmare

Level Design implemented into the Unity and area transition.

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Hey there, good looking people!

This week we have been trying to advance a bit in the art department but our friend Rodrigo is still going strong with his game developing skills and has a couple of new things to show you guys.

He made all the sprites, and put them into a tilemap, from the illustrator file I gave him and made the first and fourth area of the first level with them.

This first video shows the player (or a rectangle for those with less imagination) moving around and ascending to the next area.

This video shows the player in the fourth area also moving around. We would like to add that the player can now flip to the direction he is currently moving towards and that he can jump through platforms upwards but not downwards.

This last video shows the biggest news yet, in which the player, ascending the first area and reaching the last platform can jump and go into the next area. Rodrigo achieved this by changing the camera position using targets. Also, he is now working on the death camera reset which is going nicely and the dialogue and combat part of the game which is still in the first phases.

At the beginning of this next week, we will post the dialogue and combat level design and later maybe some art and the Unity version of the rest of the level design.

Stay tuned for more posts and stay safe.

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