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Entodrive Early Access: 180+ Monsters, 16+ Explorable Locations, Expanded Storage, and tons of improvements.

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Trailer :

What have I been up to?

Expanding Cache Isle:

Improving Battle Backgrounds, effects, and pacing:

Adding new monsters:

Adding story behaviors:

S.S.Vector Travel Preview

Experimenting with new locations :

Complete Monster List :

Current Ability Chart :

I've been doing my best to update every Friday around 5 pacific. The early access has been an amazing experience and I feel like I have the space to improve my game at a comfortable pace. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along this whole process. I'm really proud of how much change the game has had in such a short time! I hope you join me in my early access adventure, and enjoy your stay on Cache Isle!

For more info on Entodrive and future patch notes go here :

Entodrive Community Link

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