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Our Engine; Realm Crafter has gain an update. And so Citadel Online will get a change to....

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We now have new Actor models with better animation, we got better plants models and these plants models also need less FPS.

And with this update of the engine we also change the races of our Game:
-Imperia, Normal Humans.
-Shadowian, A mix between Undead Humans and Elves.
-High Elf
-Wood Elf
-Lizarean, Lizard People.

New Class system:
3 start classes: Fighter, Assassin and a caster.
By doing special quests your character his class will change in a certain spec:
-For Fighter: Guard or Berserker
-For Assassin: Rogue or Hunter
-For Caster: Necromancer or Bishop

There won't be a Talent tree like in World of Warcraft or Age of Conan bud you will have to do quests and every quest will reward you with armor, weapons or spells.

I hope this gives you enough information till now about the Class system Citadel Online will get.

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