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It seems most unlikely now that we are going to reach our campaign goal. It has been an interesting and educative experience to say the least.

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As our campaign is ending I wanted to write about our experience. This is the first paragraph from our blog here.

In a recent Epic Battle Cry podcast, Daniel Kayser said a line, which I found quite inspiring: “I think that right now is the most exciting time that there has ever been to be in indie game development.”. As I’m writing this, we have 2 days left to reach our goal of $5000 on Kickstarter, which I’m certain we won’t, it has been 33 days since the launch and we have only 4,430 views on our Kickstarter page with 71 backers and with $1,170 pledged. Now, I’m a big fan of Epic Battle Axe, but I don’t think I can agree with Daniel on this one anymore.

This writing is not for the larger indies out there, this is for the one to three guy teams who haven’t yet released their first title. We are a two man team trying to break into the indie scene and this is about our Kickstarter experience and about the things we tried to get visitors to our campaign page.

We noticed the small number of visits right after the launch, but following a post on Reddit’s game development forum we calmed down a little. The post was titled “Never imagined indie scene to be so tough” and in it we complained about the low visibility of our Kickstarter 1 day after the launch. We got a lot of good feedback and suggestions about our campaign from that thread. Here’s the irony though - that post actually generated us the most views and backers throughout the entire campaign and it wasn’t EVEN about the game per se.

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