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Post news RSS Encoded Development diary #3: Working on AI

Discussing the AI within Encod3d and planned enemy types.

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Currently we have been working with a set of scripts that allow us to make a combat AI for our combat, we are leaning towards a more basic combat for right now. However we will add more as things come. If all things work out correctly the AI will have its own patrol points, and will sense the player according to sight, we plan for perhaps sound as well, but nothing solid yet.

We currently have 2 types of enemies planned, flying drones, and more humanoid enemies, but we do a have other things planned which hopefully will be discussed in another development Diary later this month. Drones will, if we get what we want, be able to alert other nearby enemies as well. Humanoids will most likely be what you fight most of the time, be it melee attacks or ranged.

More pictures should be up later this week as well. Thank you all.

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