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A more in depth look at base building in our RTS game. The last few weeks have been spent creating new models and improving the base building mechanics.

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Base Building:

Base building is an integral part of Empyrean Frontier. All units and upgrades are produced from modules on the player's mobile space station, resources are collected there, and once all structures are destroyed, the game is over. Each of the 2 factions will have a slightly different (but mostly similar) set of buildings for their space stations, at the moment only the buildings for the Empire faction are done.

The Command Center:
The Command Center is the core of your space station; it is used to warp in new structures and is able to move the entire station. The space station is organized in a hex grid, with each node having 6 neighbors. The player is able to build new modules for the station in any node that is adjacent to an existing module. There are 4 different tech levels available at the Command Center, with each new level being unlocked by building buildings from the previous level.

Building Tech Tree:

Building Tech Tree

More Detailed List of Buildings: (may be subject to change)

--- Tech Level 1 ---

- Reactor: basic power producing module
- without enough power, all other modules either shut down or have significantly increased build times

- Fighter Shipyard: builds basic fighter groups, some fighters may require additional tech structures

- Refinery: resource collecting structure
- builds and allows docking of asteroid harvesters
- allows docking of planetary resupply ships

- Gatling Turret: basic defensive turret
- strong against fighter groups

--- Tech Level 2 ---

- Frigate Shipyard: builds frigate groups, some frigates may require additional tech structures

- Communications Center: Tier 2 tech/upgrade module
- allows diplomacy with neutral AI factions

- Repair Bay: repairs nearby units

- Colony Station:
- builds planetary landers (for mining planets)
- top flies off to form new Mobile Command Ship

- Plasma Cannon: defensive turret
- strong against frigates

--- Tech Level 3 ---

- Cruiser Shipyard: builds cruisers - the largest combat ships, some cruisers may require additional tech structures

- Tech Center: Tier 3 tech/upgrade module

- Trade Station: allows trade with neutral or allied trade ships

- Microwave Transmitter: wirelessly transmits power
- combined with receivers, allows all bases to be connected to a single power grid
- can be overcharged to fire an EMP like pulse, disabling enemy ships

- Microwave Receiver: wirelessly receives power
- combined with a transmitter, allows all bases to be connected to a single power grid

- Wave Cannon: powerful defensive turret
- fires an energy wave, passing through multiple targets in a straight line
- strong vs. everything

--- Tech Level 4 ---

- Shield Generator: creates a protective shield around nearby units and structures
- incoming projectiles have their damage reduced significantly

- Wormhole Generator: creates a temporary wormhole between two locations
- used to transport ships instantly across the map

- Super Laser: super weapon, specifications unknown
- rumored to be able to destroy entire fleets, space stations, or even small moons
- more information coming later

Extra: Video of Base Defenses in action

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