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Hey all,

This mod is a small modification which simply changes the provinces in the Americas to be colonisable, akin to Africa. I have made it so, due to the life rating system, it is colonisable during about the late 1870s, early 1880s, premeditating the Scramble for Africa by five years to about a decade. I have done some minor testing and it seems to work great, with the AI adjusting greatly to it.

Current Features -

  • Empty New World (North America, Central America, South America are uncolonised)
  • Added a few ports to countries such as Portugal and Russia to allow them to reach the New World if the AI decides to colonise
  • Changed Life-Rating of provinces in New World to force countries to be able to colonise life-rating 25 before they can colonise any provinces in the New World
  • Playable in both 1836 and 1861 start dates

Future Features

  • A transfer of core provinces system from owner to puppet to avoid border core in the New World (Some nations release puppets with only one state and colonise the rest of the region, resulting in a border gore mess, an automatic trigger for AI nations to give all colonial cores to colonies in the New World would fix this)
  • Colonial Revolutionary Wars with or without a puppet colony created
  • Changing culture in New World to natives, perhaps native population before European settlement, like this
  • Greatly reducing existing population in New World
  • Changing of localisation for puppets, such as having the USA be called the 'Thirteen Colonies' if released by the United Kingdom

If anyone has any feedback, ideas, or would like to help out, please let me know.

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