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Even though we would postpone forever because we're never happy enough of the results, we are about to enter a new beta round with Empires in Ruins, and here's how to join us

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Hi guys,

As a little update, wWe’re working around the clock in order to get a pleasant beta ready for public.

screenshot 111 k6eyftem1

As of now, we are keeping the beta access semi-closed on our Discord Channel, it’s a bit of a way to pre-test and pre-polish all we can, so that the open beta will be more about feedback than bugfinding. You’re welcome to join there if you want obviously : Discord.gg‚Äč

screenshot 116 ee8nkf5s1

‚ÄčThis is the current list of fixes already applied. The current version is definitely playable, but still has a couple of issues we’d love to solve before calling it an open battle beta. Beside the obvious fact that we would like to get the new UIs in for the beta too.


  • The artillery area projectiles did always miss the Sapper enemies
  • Fixed audio system issue (beta only)
  • Balanced out the beta waves progression
  • Extended the duration of most of the cooldown abilities
  • The health bar of a selected tower didn’t update on repairing
  • The depth buffer of artillery projectiles and their trail was incorrect
  • Fixed Steam Tank spawning problem
  • Fixed Field Medic healing VFX problem (temporary deactivated the VFX)
  • Fixed the Victory and Game Over screens
  • Fixed the Hussar death issue (the 00-facing death direction never ended)
  • Waves counter updates on timer expiring
  • Fixed the issue with wave 19 that made Victory unreachable
  • Fixed cooldown abilities tooltip swap

screenshot 114 yfytwraq1

Attached a couple of pics of a victorious run I did test yesterday. Quite some of my buildings are in ruins and burning, but the enemy has been kicked back finally ;)

screenshot 115 ygewvtgi1

Screenshot 113


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