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Exploration game Ghost on the Shore releases on Steam. The team share their story from concept to creation.

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Hello ghosties,

Three years ago, we began working on a new game. The idea for the core story came to our writer Dagmar Blommaert in a dream in which she had died and could only observe her partner’s immense grief from afar while they mourned, dealt with the loss and eventually moved on.

We came together as a team to produce a plan for the game. This photo below is a very early series of notes from a brainstorming session we had together, on a rooftop in Ghent, back in 2019.

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This wrenching feeling of not being able to let go eventually blossomed into Ghost on the Shore, an exploration game about the emotional ties that transcend even death. In the game, protagonist Riley is faced with a headstrong ghost, urging her on an adventure across atmospheric shores, uncovering the islands’ tragic secret. Choices in dialogue shape the bond between the two and ultimately decide Riley's fate.

After seeing such wonderful feedback from players on our first game, Marie’s Room, a narrative exploration game set within the confines of a single room, we felt the next logical step was to expand on this format with a story set across a series of islands, in the format of a branching narrative with multiple endings.

After three years, our journey has finally come to a close and we are thrilled that you can now meet Riley and Josh for yourselves as you explore the Rogue Islands and discover what happened to these long-forgotten shores.

Exploration and Environmental Storytelling
While you walk the beautiful landscape of the Rogue Islands, you learn their history through the items left behind. Josh remembers more from his time on the islands, and Riley is encouraged to reveal her dreams, goals and why she is running from her old life.

Immersive Dialogue
A unique feature that allows the player to make choices in a subtle immersive way. You don't always know how your words will affect the other. Words are powerful tools. Just like in real life, things can become fun, exciting or plain awkward.

Irrevocable Choices
Every dialogue option is shown only once, which makes your choices definite.

Branching Narrative
The relationship you choose to build with the ghost defines the narrative branch you get to explore. There are four branches with a different ending for each.

Created by like Charlie, the team behind the award-winning story exploration game Marie's Room.


  • Discover the branching narrative and multiple endings
  • Make emotional choices and experience the consequences
  • Immerse yourself into a rich story and atmospheric setting
  • Gather clues and investigate what happened
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