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As a simple peasant in the land of Elvarin, your journey begins when you start taking control of your destiny. Who will you become? Will you fight for honor, gold or glory? Will you take to the sword or the staff? You choose your path.

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Elvarin is now on Steam Greenlight, in hopes of the community’s approval. Please support us by voting for our submission (You can click here).

About This Game
As a man or woman in the ancient land of Elvarin, you must take control of your destiny. Starting as a simple peasant, your fate quickly begins to change as you start carving out your own path. On your journey, you will slay the legendary beasts of the timeless land, uncover the secrets of those who inhabit it, and decide your place within it.

Elvarin is a long-term project with a great many features to come in the development roadmap, here’s what you’ll get to experience in Elvarin:

Immersive and Memorable Environemnt
Elvarin is a vast continent in the world of Aivron, encompassing nearly 250km² of open-world for you to explore, filled with mountains, valleys, cities, villages, caves and forests. The world is filled with quests, creatures and stories, above-ground, below-ground or underwater. A full day/night cycle along with randomized weather such as rain, snow, fog or sunshine add an additional layer of depth to the vibrant world. The world is not only filled with creatures to fight, or tame and villages to help, or hinder but a rich history and deep lore. You can read more about the history of Elvarin here (the wiki is a work-in-progress).

Full Character Creation
You are given full control over every aspect of your character. Choose from various unique races such as Tomadan, Wood Elf, Spectral, Drow, Orc, Halfling and more! In-depth character customization allows you to fine-tune each and every detail of your character, from the size of their nose to the position of the eyebrows. The character creator is flexible and in-depth – allowing truly realistic and unique features for your character.

Rich Crafting System
By gathering resources on your journey you can craft hundreds of items ranging from weapons and armor to potions and elixirs. Advanced crafting such as metalwork, alchemy and enchanting allow you to create hundreds of unique items and varieties. Pick seeds and herbs from the wild vegetation around you to create various tonics and brews.

Guilds and Factions
Form guilds and factions with your friends and other players. Create alliances with other guilds, including trade agreements and companionship on various quests. Pets and mounts can be shared by guild members, as well as spoils from quests. You will also be able to respawn at your guild-location. Promote members to delegate and help manage the guild. Align your guild with the different factions in the game-world.

Reputation, Skills and Murder
A murder and crime system keeps theft and evil deeds in check. If you are spotted committing a criminal act, the hold you are in will take note and respond accordingly. Will you serve out your sentence in jail, pay your penance by the mercy or brutality of other players or simply avoid the holds that know you? Your skills and abilities will improve as you level-up. Each player-level has new advantages and abilities to give you more freedom to play the way you want. Do you prefer to smite your foes with a sword or mace? Or are you more inclined to the mystical arts?

A large open-world and meta-universe
Players can host their own servers (dedicated or LAN), where your character and everything else in the land of Elvarin remains persistent even after you leave. Characters on official, community and local servers are kept separate – but between different servers all your data is seamlessly moved. The world supports hundreds, and even thousands of players in a true MMO-environment.

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