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My Writer, AgentAAA has been making lore on all of the characters that are being added to the mod, and most of the modified ones, here is The Elite Cadre from Nod:

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Nod has long been ahead of GDI in the technological department, and Kane’s Hand, naturally, is the most explicit example. The Elite Cadre, considered amazingly well-trained warriors even for the black hand, are elites given access to the new “light infantry” technology only recently developed by Nod scientists(And to a lesser extent, GDI) and have been given versions of the technology that have been further optimized and enhanced. This, combined with the new M16 Mk. II Pulse Rifles, allows the Elite Cadre to rip through current battlefield technology , giving Nod a weapon capable of competing with GDI in direct assaults, but with the versatility of an infantry unit.
The elite cadre’s weaponry is advanced and capable of doing moderate damage to any opponent, but it’s real strength lies in the cadre’s capability to absorb massive amounts of damage, withstanding devastating amounts of enemy fire with seemingly not a scratch. Even with their training and advanced armor, the elite cadre seem to be able to take an unrealistic amount of punishment, and some battlefield experts suspect the possibility of Tiberium or cybernetic enhancement might be the cause...

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