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The final update for the Elemental Disparity Expansion is here!

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This update will be live August 9th, 2019 at 8:00pm CST

The final chapter of the Elemental Disparity update is here! Who is the mastermind behind the corruption of the elemental guardians? Quest to the deepest parts of the Pinnacle of Elements to find out and save Aetheria from imminent destruction!

New Bosses!

The final bosses of the Pinnacle of Elements are now accessible. Gather your friends and guildmates and challenge those who threaten Aetheria! Summoning tomes for existing Pinnacle of Elements bosses in have also been added to the game.

AtaxFiery Mesa

Diver Costumes and Achievements!

The Sunken Depths' Diver Costumes are now available in Louis's shop!

The Sunken Torturer now has his own achievement which will power up your Sunken Jewelry!

Wishful Sinking AchievementSunken Depths Costumes

New Weapons!

New and improved lifesteal weapons, along with other powerful loot, are available in the Pinnacle of Elements dungeon!



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