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Over the last week we've made multiple changes to improve the balance of the game and provide a more polished feel.

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What's New?

-Added player number indicators over player sprites.

-Updated animations for charging your shot.

-Added the option of using right stick for aiming; using the right stick overrides left stick aiming.

-Added particles and animations to the ship.

-Added a short cooldown to platforms after changing colors, during which the color cannot be changed.

-Modified the ball handling to allow the player to take 2 hits before losing the ball.

-Getting hit by opponents' shots counts as a hit, along with landing on an opposite color platform.

-The player carrying the ball can now land on the ground without penalty.

-Added transitions between scenes.

-Updated title screen to allow players to adjust the time limit of the game.

-Fixed bugs in tutorial and added feedback for scoring in the tutorial.

-Added platform movement to more layouts

What's the Motivation?

We added player number indicators above the characters and updated the animations for charging the shot to make it easier to follow your character and what they're doing.

A common complaint of play-testers was the inability to use the right stick to aim, so we added the option to use either the left stick or the right stick freely.

Many players felt that the layout with moving platforms was the most fun, so we incorporated moving platforms into most of the layouts.

In order to address the difficulty of scoring and the overly chaotic feel of the game, we added a cooldown to platforms right after changing colors. Players must now think about which platforms to aim for to achieve the best results. In addition, we modified the ball handling to allow extra hits, making it less punishing for the ball holder.

We also added options to the main menu allowing players to adjust the time limit or disable it altogether, depending on how long they want the game to last.

Lastly, to improve the overall feel and polish of the game, we added animations to the ships and transitions between scenes.

What's Next?

We plan on updating the music and sound effects to better match the theme of the game. We're also considering incorporating more camera movement to provide a more dynamic feel. In addition, we will continue to fine tune the mechanics of the game to provide a competitive, balanced experience.

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