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Element Escape is a competitive 4 player game. Shoot platforms to change them to your color, and bring the power cores to your ship to escape before the destruction of the planet!

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What's New?

-Added the ability to shoot through platforms

-Increased the speed of bullets

-Added an aiming reticle that shows the path the bullet will take

-Changed the spawn locations of items to only be on platforms

-Adjusted the controls for jumping down to work for double tapping down with the left stick

-Added slow to the player with the ball

-Updated goals and background to better represent the theme of the game.

What's the Motivation?

We wanted to increase the pace of the game, so we increased the speed of the bullets and decreased the stun duration when landing on an opposite color platform. We added the ability to shoot through platforms in order to make it easier to aim for the higher platforms in the arena. We also wanted to improve the feel of aiming, so we added the option to show an aiming reticle so the players will know where their shot will hit. A lot of players noted that having the ability to jump down be on the B button felt unnatural, and that they wanted to be able to double-tap down on the left stick, so we added that option. Lastly, the item spawn location was adjusted to ensure that items don't spawn in awkward places like the corners of the map.

What's Next?

We will continue to fine tune the mechanics of the game to provide a competitive, balanced experience. We also plan on adding more layouts to the game to give the players more variety throughout the game. We're also going to add more animations to the ships to make the intro and end cutscenes more interesting.

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