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Elder Kings, the Elder Scrolls total conversion for Paradox's epic medieval strategy game Crusader Kings 2 is seeking new artists to take up the torch from our soon to be departing portrait artist!

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Hello Elder Kings fans,

As you may have noticed our advancement on the portraits area of the mod has been effectively zilch since our initial release other than some bug fixing. Our current portrait artist lacks time and motivation to continue working on the project other than finalisation of certain parts.

0.1.3 Screens

We are in dire straits and really need our community's help in this endeavour to find one or more new portrait artists. If you know anyone, or you know anyone who knows anyone, please go forth to other Elder Scrolls communities, CK2 fansites, modding forums, artists' websites and ask around, ask your friends if they know anyone who might be interested in creating a portrait set, or even just parts of a portrait set (clothing for example!), and please send them our way.

Elder Kings itself is a fairly prominent mod within the Crusader Kings 2 community, and any work contributed to the mod would be great as a demonstration of your skills to add to any portfolio for future consideration in the gaming industry.

Without your help, portraits will languish; the Dunmer will forever wear muslim clothing, the Orcs & Argonians will be forever naked, the Khajiit will forever be a single face staring out at you, forever a placeholder...

(Evidently don't trust a guy watching GOT with making recruitment images. That URL should read ck2.knuddelwuddel.net)

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