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El Taco Diablo is a simplistic but very difficult game inspired by Devil Daggers. This is a game about your accuracy and speed. It is best played at short intense intervals that will wake you up in the morning and put you in a good mood with its fun aesthetics and rock mariachi music. The only goal is to survive as long as you can! (Although most don’t make it past 150 sec.)

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  • 8 Unique Enemies - Ranging from small Tacos to Big Boss enemies, all with different abilities and behaviours. Each require different tactics and strategies to defeat, but will all challenge you to improve your aim.
  • 3 Weapons - The greater the potential, the more difficult it is to master. In order to compete with the best, you need to understand each weapon’s strength and weakness.
  • Warm Up/Training - El Taco Diablo is great if you need a quick warm up before a round of Apex Legends or Fortnite or just improve your aim overall.
  • Global Leaderboard - Compete on a global scale or just among friends to show who has the best and quickest aim.
  • Achievements - Think the game is too easy? Go after the achievements hidden in the game.

El Diablo - Gameplay

Explosion - Gameplay

Pinatas - Gameplay

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