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Updates to our game. With only 2 weeks left the time is really ticking down and crucial bugs and mechanics are being tweaked.

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What's Changed:

  • Target looks like a target, fixed claw rotation errors, tweaked asteroid spawn rate, made new asteroid sizes, changed asteroid trail colors and bug where trail remains upon breaking, fixed rope not disappearing bug, removed the ability to grab other players and replaced with claw being able to punch other players, more differentiation between sprites added, changed the UI for domination mode to a slider bar instead of a counter, added smoother scene transitions, better flag sprites, changed the anthems on endgame, fixed asteroid fragment bug, made a press start to ready up mechanic, added movement parallax.

Why these changes were made:

  • Most of these changes were made to fix bugs or to add to the theme/aesthetic (to juice it up).
  • We wanted to get rid of "dead game-play" by adding the hit mechanic for the player claw.
  • Player sprites needed to be differentiated more so players wouldn't get lost or focus on the wrong player.

What changes are in store for next time?

  • Aesthetics and juice. We want to polish the game and add more substance to the game play.
  • We'd like to add a cut scene to the beginning.

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