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This update contains info about Editor suite what we added to Prospekt.NET recently. Also we changed networking from Winsock to Lidgren, what totally rocks.

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About this update

I forgot to post here all updates, so I am posting them all now. Prospekt.NET came a long way since last news post. Now we have fully featured editor suite with Map, Account and Tileset editor. We also did major improvements to engine core, like networking, rendering and processing. Here is screenie of Editor suite with Tileset editor opened:

[Image: c7efe7f723acea457490a24ea9cfc524.png]

Also here is screenie of working map made with Editor suite:

[Image: 4253615f450641303b724d86faa06ff4.png]

Quick summary of recent updates of Prospekt.NET

Oct 27, 2013

  1. Created tileset editor and basic tile collision system. Collisions in
    Prospekt.NET will be different from collisions for example in eclipse or
    mirage. It will be on same principe as in RPG Maker where you choose on
    tileset what tiles are blocked and what no. Also hopefully fixed some
    bugs, but I am aware that I created more bugs than I actually fixed.
    Anyway... enjoy :D" class="message">Tileset Editor
    authored 6 hours ago

Oct 23, 2013

  1. - Added new functions to File class (WriteBinary and ReadBinary)
    - Fixed broken function AccountExists
    - Cleaned and optimized loading and saving of maps, accounts and players" class="message">More fixes
    authored 4 days ago

Oct 19, 2013

  1. In this commit I fixed almost everything.
    - Lidgren networking is now fully working and bug-free
    - Fixed entire mapping system
    - Fixed almost all editor suite bugs (some minor may still occur)
    - Fixed NPC and account data saving/loading and sending
    - Created new README file

    I did alot more things in this commit, but I am too lazy to write them
    all here." class="message">Everything fixed!

    authored 8 days ago

Oct 17, 2013

  1. Added Lidgren networking and optimized code a lot. For now, Lidgren
    networking is ALMOST working, but for some reason it is not sending data
    to client." class="message">Lidgren Network (broken)
    authored 10 days ago

Oct 15, 2013

  1. - Fixed tileSetScrlX and tileSetScrlY to be the proper maximum sizes
    based on the selected tileset size.
    - Fixed the tileset selection to not let you select invalid locations
    - Fixed the map tile selection to not let you select invalid locations
    - Fixed editor resizing to automatically update the rendered data and
    scrollbars." class="message">Map Editor Fixes
    authored 12 days ago

Oct 14, 2013

  1. - Fixed problem with tileSetPreview blurring if scrolled beyond its
    actual maximum size. (The scrollbar sizes are still off however)" class="message">Minor Fix
    authored 13 days ago

  2. - Cleaned up Render module to work smoother.
    - Added RenderRectangle sub for drawing filled or unfilled rectangles to
    - Added scrollbars to TileSet rendering to show full image
    - Added visual mouse location (with X/Y display) to MapPreview rendering
    - Added visual tile placement showing the selected tile on MapPreview
    - Added visual selection and mouse movement to TileSetPreview rendering
    - Fixed Map Resizing (Must save map for new size to take effect)
    - Fixed Map Fill/Clear for correct size after map resize
    - Fixed Account loading

    Known Bug: tileSetScrlX and tileSetScrlY maximum sizes being set to big
    and blurring the image if scrolled past the images real maximums." class="message">Editor Fixes

    authored 13 days ago

  3. Some fixes to editor suite" class="message">Some fixes
    authored 13 days ago

  4. In this BIG commit I added editor suite created by Ertzel and Daxter.
    Also welcome Daxter to development team. List of changes:
    * Added editor suite
    * Optimized packet handling and sending A LOT
    * Cleaned source code (again A LOT)
    * Fixed many bugs
    * Added maps and mapping
    * Added scrollable maps" class="message">Editor suite
    authored 13 days ago

Oct 09, 2013

  1. In this commit I cleaned code a bit. Also fixed some warnings about
    implementing IDisposable to scripting and font rendering classes. I also
    added new option to server configuration, and that is MaxPlayers." class="message">Cleanup again
    authored 18 days ago

  2. In this commit I did another big changes to server and client structure.
    Here are few of them:
    * Merged client and server solution again to one
    * Changed entire structure of client source code to be clean as server
    * Fixed some bugs in file reader/writer and configuration classes" class="message">BIG structure changes
    authored 18 days ago
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