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Here it is and there are more stuff! This game is growing by the day!

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Well my article got deleted so now it is this....


I really have nothing to say except for the fact that I ADDED SOME STUFF LIKE SCROLLING AND STUFF... that's really it.

Changelog Number Two


Scrolling-Due the stage area becoming larger, It made sense for me to add scrolling. I mean it needs to have scrolling or you cant play the actual game. It kinda looks something this(which is actually what it looks like)
Scrolling - Indie DB

Boss Man- I wanted this to be some type of challenge so I made this sack-of-wine here:

This sack of wine is just a big circle with a B in the middle.

This guy attacks by shooting projectiles at you.

New Stage- The stage area has become larger, and complex! I really didn't add anything special, and this is how the whole stage layout looks:Stage

And that is all the content I added. But stay tuned as new stuff appears! Like it just did .

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