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A short summary of the work which has gone into the development of Eco Tales this week.

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Weekly Recap #1

J This week I'm focusing on animation and design, I've started creating an item list for the game which will eventually be turned into a real artifact list.

Gifs really screw with timing, but it doesn't matter too much as this idle wasn't close to finished anyway.

First test idle

Out of Combat Idle V 0.6

I had some issues with the rig and have been looking deeper into Python, I've created some very simpel scripts which will allow me to fix errors and select things based upon names and type much easier.

Parts of my characters will be using overlapping UVs, which has lead to some issues with saving skin weight maps in Maya. I tried to solve this by using scripts found online, however, nothing really worked out the way I wanted and needed.

In the end I created an extra UV channel and used auto UVs to create a weight mappable channel, this isn't something I'll do very often, however when I do need to, it takes a bit too long.

This is why I, over the coming weeks, will be looking deeper into Python to automate this process completely, wish me luck, this tool could be useful for a lot of people!

A simple Tire 2 Sword A simple Tire 2 Sword

I'm experimenting with a hand painted style with semi-realistic material definitions, PBR is cool but I really feel that this style would be great for this game.

Battle Stance Idle V 0.8 Battle Stance Idle V 0.8

Finishing up the week, I've blocked out and had time to do some polish on an, in-battle idle, it's still stiff but it's getting there, gotta work in some more arcs!

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