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We’ve released version 5.4 of Eco, adding some new features and a lot of new bug fixes. Should make playing a lot smoother!

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We’ve released version 5.4 of Eco, adding some new features and a lot of new bug fixes.

Should make playing a lot smoother! Update or pick it up here: www.strangeloopgames.com/eco, and you can join us and the community on our Discord chat room here: Discord.gg

Added new effects for interacting with the landscape.

Check out our first-pass effects here:

Got a new underwater effect running:


  • Upgraded the server to .Net 4.6.2. If you are running under mono on Linux or OSX, you may need the current beta of mono (4.8)
  • Trees on the minimap are now batched, which should result in improved performance
  • Improved performance of visibility checks for world chunks (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
  • Pooled plant objects for faster instantiation (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
  • Updated speedtree shaders to use instanced rendering. This should dramatically improve performance for most users, if their GPU supports it (DX11 / OpenGL 4.1)

Bug Fixes

  • Further improvements to chat functionality and channels. Should fix numerous cases of messages becoming missing.
  • Fixed problem with renderscale slider that caused unnecessary render target creation every frame.
  • Fixed issue with world objects where sometimes the crafting timers did not properly count down.
  • Fixed vehicles not remembering how efficient they are on various terrain after a reload of the server.
  • Fix plant highlighting when the highlighted plant changed shape during highlight
  • Fixed a stack overflow issue on some machines due to expression compilation
  • Fixed an issue with the chunk builder when building meshes that had more than 65534 vertices.

New Features

  • Oil is now a finite resource. Fixed numerous issues with harvesting oil with pumpjacks.
  • Real effects for diving underwater.
  • Beginnings of animations for character avatars
  • New block effects
  • Added mouse sensitivity control
  • Triggered the freshness (Thanks @stett!)
  • Improved block targeting and placement cursor
  • Backup plugin now saves its config, and has settings for frequency of backups to keep

Next up: 5.5

Eco 5.5 is going to be a much faster turn around, and we’ll have a ton of new stuff we’ve been working on in there (economy system, contracts, currency, tax, farming, tech tree balancing). We’re hoping for a couple weeks, and it will affect a lot of the early game, so it could be a good time to restart a playthrough but not required.

Thanks and let us know any questions as always!

-JohnK, john@strangeloopgames.com

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