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This is the official release of Eclipse Worlds 1.2.5. The quest system, NPC spells, and guild systems have not been fixed yet. These will be fixed in 1.2.6, I just couldn't make time to fix them in 1.2.5 and needed to make an update since the last one was 3 months ago. Also, I was focusing on bug fixes and cleanup rather than features even though many were added.

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This is the official release of Eclipse Worlds 1.2.5! I did not get time to fix guilds, NPC spells, or quests, but they will be fixed in 1.2.6. Although, I spent extra time polishing the engine and fixing bugs. I felt that I was trying to do too much for one release and will just finish it next version.

The Gold Edition version will come out sometime next week.

I've spent a considerable amount of time going over the interface again as I did in the BETA.

  • Level up now uses animations and can be configured via options.ini.
  • Action messages have been upgraded with a wait timer and fading.
  • The main form has been resized making it bigger and enhanced massively.
  • The map editor has been remodeled and should be much cleaner looking.
  • Admin panel has had slight changes, mostly size changes to a few buttons and the position is closer to the main form.
  • Game resolution is now set in the options.ini via client, this may not work that well such as the UI positions will be out of place (only for advanced users).
  • Item/spell description positions overhauled.
  • Regen HP/MP now displays as action messages.
  • Right click is now used for actions such as picking up items and targeting. Double click to pick up items on the ground.
  • Camera has been improved significantly.
  • Misc. changes and improvements


Any feedback is welcome here, remember that you should post bugs and suggestions in the Support forum under the Eclipse Worlds prefix.

I have changed going straight to 1.3.0 from 1.2.5, so the next version will be 1.2.6 in the coming weeks to months depending upon how much free time I get.


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