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Game is nearing completion and will be released soon.

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The player is not overwhelmed with complicated mechanics in order to breeze through these levels. As a platformer, the player's main objective is to jump to avoid obstacles, collect treasure and reach the goals before your health runs out.


Although the game is short, players have the option to save progress by means of their location in the game. However, what you collect will reset, and your health will be fully restored.


The player's health bar is displayed at the top of the screen, and is the core feature of the game. As the game takes place in a simulator, once your health ends, so does the game. Your healthbar will slowly decrease as time passes.


Voice acting has been an added feature into the game to allow player-game interactivity. Although minimal, you can hear some of the characters and their various personalities that exist outside of the simulator give you advice.


The various levels that occur within the game are meant to provide the experience of traversing all kinds of terrains (such as ruins, sand dunes, metal bases, and more).


The music that occurs in this game has a consistent futuristic, techno sound that blends with the environment in which it plays. The atmosphere gives off an adventurous feel, yet a sense of danger.

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