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Post news RSS Echo #62: Trading and future of the alloy containers

I got some exciting news! Trading has been added, it is fully functional and impactful!

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I got some exciting news! Trading has been added, it is fully functional and impactful!

As I mentioned in previous echoes, my design philosophy is simple - every game element must have its place. Since the day one of Sector Six development I am working to ensure that.

Trading and upcoming changes to alloy containers should make every item feel rewarding.

Before trading items that were not good enough to add to spaceship were useless.
Now there's no such thing as useless items because useless items can be exchanged for useful ones!

This week I have added cities to 19 regions of Sector Six and cities buy and sell items.

Right now there are 7 types of cities:

  • Cities that sell generic weapons.
  • Cities that sell random weapons and parts.
  • Cities that sell high-grade weapons and parts.
  • Cities that sell alloy containers.
  • Cities that sell extant parts.
  • Cities that sell amplifiers.
  • Cities that sell random grade weapons, parts and amplifiers.

Each region has one city, so some regions will be more important to secure than others and I hope that will allow players to make interesting decisions.

Next week I will be decorating secure regions and making important changes to alloy containers.

The main problem with the alloy containers is that they don't repair enough armour in higher levels.
Right now alloy containers repair as much armour as they have charges. For example, alloy container with 10000 changes, will repair 10000 armor.

I am planning to change this to 1 charge repairing 1% of maximum armour.
This way alloy containers will stay useful at any level.

I am also going to change how alloy and dismantling works.

The refill cost of alloy containers will be equal to alloy missing and dismantling containers will give as much alloy as the dismantled container contained.
For example, if alloy container can hold 100 alloy and it contains 30 alloy, it will cost 70 alloy to fill it.
Dismantling a container with 30 alloy will give 30 alloy.

There are other neat changes planned for container rework but I'm keeping that for the next echo!

Until then!

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