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This week I have improved inventory! Now when you fill inventory, it becomes bigger, that means items will never be lost because there’s not enough space in the inventory!

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This week I have improved inventory!

Now when you fill the inventory, it becomes bigger, that means items will never be lost because there’s not enough space in the inventory!

Filling inventory creates new inventory page. Removing all items from last inventory page, deletes that inventory page. And there’s a limitation – if you want to start new mission, you cannot have more than 3 inventory pages. The inventory is infinite, but your computer’s power is not!

After more than 10 pages created, FPS severely drops when adding the new item to the inventory, this should be even worse for the slower computers.

I could probably optimize inventory system to allow having 100 and more pages without any lag, but I would need to completely rewrite inventory system and I don’t want to do that. It would take a lot of time and 3 inventory pages – that’s 198 slots! – is more than enough, for now.

I wanted to make inventory kind-of-infinite, because the modular difficulty system will reward player with a lot of items at the end of the mission.

Here is the challenges that the modular difficulty system will offer:

Armoured Minions
Minions will have 50% more armour.

Deadly Minions
Minions will deal 25% more damage.

Deadly Encounters
You will have a chance to encounter dreadnoughts.

The Assault of the Modified
There will be more modified minions.

The Rain of Fire
Every 10 seconds the missile will be fired at you from the bombardment station. Find and destroy bombardment station to stop this.

Risk for Reward
XP and parts earned in this mission will be lost, if your spaceship will be destroyed.

Suicide Mission
Doubles required kill count for kill missions, doubles escort distance for the escort missions, doubles ruin data required for resurrection missions, doubles guardian kill count for the boss missions.

Only the Strongest
Swarmlings will only spawn with the big enemies, probes or scions will not spawn.

Every challenge/difficulty system module that you will accept will increase reward that you will get if you will complete mission with increased difficulty.

1 Module used
1 amplifier, 1 optimized part

2 Modules used
2 amplifiers, 3 optimized parts

3 Modules used
4 amplifiers, 6 optimized parts

4 Modules used
6 amplifiers, 3 advanced parts, 3 optimized parts

5 Modules used
8 amplifiers, 6 advanced parts, 3 optimized parts

6 Modules used
10 amplifiers, 6 extant parts, 6 advanced parts

7 Modules used
12 amplifiers, 12 extant parts, 6 advanced parts

8 Modules used
14 amplifiers, 12 extant parts, 12 advanced parts, 6 optimized parts

If you have never enabled hard mode - amplifiers are the items that you can use to upgrade spaceship parts. Upgrading makes the part as powerful as the part from the next tier. E,g,: upgraded generic part is like normal optimized part.

Of course, this is just a plan, just a bunch of ideas, so I don’t really know how will this look in the end! But I hope as cool as I imagine it now!

Next week I will continue improving inventory and items.

I will make amplifiers stack-able, I will make amplifiers for properties that don’t have amplifiers yet, I will merge apocalypse/carrier/goliath/nomad ability unleash chances into universal ability unleash chance, I will improve tooltips and maybe I will even start working on the modified enemies. (Does anyone remember sniper veterans?) After all that, I will be ready to work on the modular difficulty system!

Until next week!


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